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Trekkings in the Himalayas :  Treks for amateurs and Pros, choose your trek according to your level  of experience...and  we'll get you there! To help you select a trek we have given each trek a grade.


India Himalaya Trekking  "Easy Trek" : Trekking in Himalaya -  Walking on good trails with gentle slopes--this is suitable for most people in good health. The altitudes will generally not exceed 3500m with days designed to allow you time for wildlife watching, sight-seeing and appreciating the beauty of the valleys and mountains.


Trekking in Garhwal Himalayas "Moderate  Trek" : Most of our treks fall in to this category and it is typical of trekking in the Himalayas. A reasonable level of fitness is required with the confidence to cope with some longer, more difficult days. Some of moderate treks can reach an altitude of 4500m.


Indian Garhwal Himalayan Trekking Tours "Exclusive Trek" : Going up to 5000m is demanding on the body. A good level of fitness is desirable for your enjoyment of these treks as is a good confidence in high altitude walking.


Trekking India Himalayas & Nandadevi trekking: Of course, every trek is different and unique. To help you choose which trek is best for you please contact us or call us for more information and advice as treks can change from year to year. Trekking himalayas, trekking in himalayas, treks in himalayas, trekking himalayas india, trekking in india, himalayas trekking tours, himalayan trekking tours in India


Trekking in Indian Himalayas : The Himalayan Adventures is all about giving you the best travel experience coupled with just the right amount of activity and scenic beauty to get your adrenaline pumping...and that isn't just because of hiking, trekking or white water rafting...the mighty mountains have more than spine tingling adventures, take a look at the beautiful views it has in store for you.

Our Guest house NANDA INN- Started from April end 2006, to know more about this click hereNANDA INN in the Himalayas

Skiing in india : Skiing packages at Auli : 6Nights 7days ski trip or 3nights 4days ski trip at Auli Himalayas winter skiing at auli

 Get complete news on Skiing in India and Snow skiing at Auli Himalayas Skiing at Auli Hotels accommodation at Auli Joshimath

Snowboarding and Skiing in Indian Himalayas : Full packages details for snowboarding and skiing in India Auli winter skiing tours

winter trekking tours in Himalayas - Garhwal winter tours & travel packages   Saif Winter Sports at Auli winter trekking skiing in auli 

Himalayan Adventure Tours In Indian Himalayan Since 1989 

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NEWS UPDATE : saif winter Skiing Championship at Auli snow skiing at Auli today  *Kedarnath Temple closing date 30th october*Badrinath Temple will closed on 17th November at 2.40 PM *Helicopter Services Agastya Muni - Kedarnath (Rudraprayag) and vice versa. Helicopter services became operational from 12th May, 2006. Flights depart daily between 6:30 am to 11:30 am.*Trekking himalaya Himalayas trekking Trekking in india India himalaya tours india tours india trekking tours trekking garhwal himalayas,india himalayas,himalayas india,tours to indian himalayas,india himalayas tours,india himalayas trekking,trekking in india,trekking in india himalayas,trek india himalayas,himalaya india trekking,india himalaya tours,tours to indian himalayas,india himalayas travel,visit himalayas,travel himalayas,himalayan travel tours,travel himalayas,india himalaya travels

Trekking around Indian Himalayan belt regions with unique Garhwal culture and natural beauty. Chose your vacation plan according to season, grading or Himalayan regions : offering Trekking In Himalayas :  Himalayan Trekking Tours :  Trekkings Himalayas

 Trekking in Garhwal

 Trekking in Kumaon  

Trekking in Ladakh

 Trekking in Himachal  


" Trekking In The Indian Himalayas 2010 "



Uttara khand winter tours & travel packages

Saif Winter Sports at Auli

 Open Skies calling to the daring

Promoting ECO Tourism ; What do we do concrete about this ? 


New Himalayan Resort & Camps in Indian Himalayas

Holidays in lap of nature

Explore the Garhwal Himalayas in :- March-April-May-June-September-October-November

Garhwal Himalayas is destination of trekkers delight. Its have ideal location for Holidays & Adventure activities. April/ May/June/ September/ October are the dryer months with a lot of sunshine, a little bit colder. From April to end of October, snow conditions are good for biking and trekking.

Best time for trekking trips for all. Easy moderate as well as difficult& strenuous.

The treks recommended are   

Source of Ganga trek
Mountain Moods Nanda Devi trek 
Nanda Devi Outter trek

Nanda Devi Classic trek
Nanda Devi National Park Trek
Valley Of  Flower trek
Kuaripass trekking
Hari-Ki-Dun trek 
Chandra Tal Trek

Snow melted on high passes makes it the best time for high altitude & strenuous treks. 

Roopkund - Homkund trek
Nanda Devi - East Base Camp trek 
Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve trekking

Panch Kedar trek
Kalandi Khal trek
Western Himalayan  trek
Khatling-Mayali Pass trek
Gangotri - Badrinathtrek
Garhwal - Kumoan exploration

 Pin-Parwati trek

          July & August

The monsoon starts in June to middle of august: it means regular short rains, and by far the best season for flowers which proliferate in the upper valleys, creating a carpet of brilliantly mixed colours.

The recommended trip is

 Valley Of Flower tour

The Best You Can do in  December - January & February winter while your are in Indian  Himalayas

  3 Nights / 4 Days snow skiing packages

 6 N/7 D winter holiday packages
  Ice Trek (Chadar)
Chandershilla winter summit
  Alaknanda rafting expedition

  Fix departure Family tours

  Indian Himalayan Holiday Tours 

Uttaranchal - Best of Garhwal &  Kumaon tour  packages. 8 N / 9 Days 
Himachal - Shimla - Manali tour  packages. 12 N / 13 Days
Ladakh tour packages.15 N/16 Days
Rajasthan tours packages.15 Days

Wild Tours 5 Night / 6 Days

Jeep Safari in Indian Himalayas 8 Nights / 9 Days

Kinnaur-Spiti (Buddhist Circuit 17 Days)
Student package tours



We are here to serve you the best you can think of in his hospitality industry with tour packages at very affordable rates. Our hotels & tours packages are suitable for indivisible, families, small & large group.


For More Details : Emails us: garhwaltours@gmail.com


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"Ganga Nature Camp"
11 Km's upriver little before Shivpuri Ganga Nature Camp offers unique Accommodation where luxury is blended with pure nature. A different experience all together.

Biking: bike tours in the indian himalayas,biking in india,india bike tours,bikking in the garhwal himalayas,bike tours Take on the world on a  bike...,beautiful scenery combined with steep inclines and fast roads allowed for some great cycling, explore the garhwal Himalayas and some explicit locations while you're with us.





Why do people travel ?

The answer is simple! People travel to get away from their daily routine. It's a great way to find yourself and discover a whole new world. Treat yourself to worldwide adventures and unleash the person you never knew existed! So what are you waiting for? www.thehimalayanadventures.com  has all the adventures, guides, tours, destinations and accommodations readily available. Search through our easy-to-use web site and find the perfect adventure travel vacation for you!


Climbing Himalayas,Project-2010

IMF has decided to dispense with charging of Environmental Levy US$ 400 from all     
   foreign expeditions with effect from 14th January 2006.

6000 m Peaks
7000 m Peaks
Above 7000 m Peaks

Bidhan Parvat&Deoban

( 6520 m)
-East Garhwal
Time : May
Duration : 3 weeks  ( ex Delhi )

Satopanth ( 7075 m)
Central Garhwal.
Time :July-August,
Duration: 4 weeks ( ex Delhi)

Mt.Kamet ( 7756 m)
( East Garhwal )
Time : September
Duration : 39 days

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i) Detailed Itinerary
ii) Gear List
iii) Cost &
iv) Payment Terms 

      Garhwal Climbing Expedition                                   Climbing in the Himalayas

Mountaineering in Indian Himalayas : 

climbing in the himalayas,himalaya climbing,india climbing tours,climbing peaks indian himalaya,Challenge the glorious and enchanting peaks of the great  Garhwal Himalayas. With our specialist team of mountaineers you can be sure of a safe trip without the worries of getting permits or booking the peaks.

Click on the link for tour dates and locations...


High Altitude Treks/Tours:: Specialized india trekking peaks,high altitude trekking,trekking high passses,india himalaya trekking  peaks,high altitudes treks,himalayan high altitude treks tours fort the trekking  enthusiasts. Indian Himalayas is just the destination for you. There are various high altitude trek in western Indian Himalaya which the trekkers ever dream to trekked or climb. These treks bring out a great sense of challenge and excitement. 

Click on the link for tour dates and locations...            


Snow Skiing Adventures in Indian Himalayas

SNOWBOARDING IN THE  HIMALAYAS ; Adventure is snowboarding in himalayas,snowboarding in indian himalayas,snowboard vacation,india snowboard tours,snowboarding in himalayassimply the most  exciting outdoor 

adventure been ever created. Most of All, Snowboarding in Indian Himalayas is about to hunger for your experience and you real passion for Adventure So lets start your Snowboarding trip in Indian Himalayas in the Lap of Nature. For custom tailored tours MAIL US with details about your needs, the number of days you want to spent and the number of persons.


SKIING IN THE  HIMALAYAS ; Here's an activity snow skiing in the himalayas,skiing in the himalayas,himalaya skiing,skiing in the himalayas,skiing  in the garhwal himalayas,skiing himalayas,skiing tours to himalaya for both nature lovers and  adventure seekers. Skiing in the  Garhwal Himalayas are a rare treat. Mail us for custom made itineraries.  Ski down the unexplored terrain and spectacular beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas. At an altitude of 2500 - 3050 m. above sea level, Auli offers exciting skiing opportunities to both beginners as and professional skiers. Read more about our tours amid the panoramic views of the giant mountain peaks like Nanda Devi, Kamet & Dunagiri

  Pilgrimage Tours in Garhwal Himalayas

Garhwal Pilgrimage Tours:     What is a visit to the "Abode of Gods" if you don't get you blessings from Badrinath & Kedarnath temples......             india pilgrimage tours,india pilgrimage yatra,chardham yatra,india chardham yatra,pilgrimage tours in the garhwal himalayas                                                        

Garhwal"The Dev Bhoomi" Cultural Trips- Exploring the Mythology & ancient culture:   


Fix Departure Pilgrimage Trips include Valley OF Flower and Auli   trek



White Water Rafting down the Ganges.



Overnight Trips
rafting in the himalayas,rafting in indian himalayas,rafting in the garhwal himalayas,rafting in the holy river ganga
Initiation to White Water - Half Day float trip from Brahmpuri to Muni Ki Reti (11 Km's)

White Water Magic - Full Day or Long day trip from Shivpuri/Marine Drive to Muni Ki Reti (17/27 Km's)
Rafting Trips
white river rafting,rafting expedition,garhwal rafting tours,rafting in the rishikesh,rafting tours
alaknanda river rafting,river rafting in holy river ganga

Great Escape on Ganga
One Night Two Days
Two Nights Three Days
Three Nights Four Days

Rafting Expedition

Alaknanda River Rafting
Kali River Rafting Expedition

Ladakh Rafting Expedition

Camping & rafting Trips starts from 15th September and continue till 30th June .The multi activity trips include rock climbing , rappelling, small Treks, kayaking with camping and rafting.
Sept, Oct., November, December, January

Camping & rafting trip on Tons starts from 1st week and goes till end of June when the monsoon rains arrive. The camping & rafting trips at tons are combined with exclusive treks in Har Ki Dun area.
May & June


Ancient Indian Science- Yoga, Meditation & Ayurvedic

yoga tours,yoga,yoga tours to india,rishikesh yoga center,yoga tripsYoga & Mediation

Recreate yourself the most effective way, what our saints and Sadhus have been doing for years. Right from the ages India is known as the country where Yoga & Meditation is a sort of characteristic of human life cycle. 

Come to Rishikesh & discover what a world without stress feel 



yoga mediation tours,ayurvedic tours,india yoga tours,india mediation tours,india ayurevedic toursKnow Yourself- Encounter with Yoga & Meditation




Ayurveda: Rishikesh the meca for tourists coming Yoga & meditation to india now has some of the countries best Ayurvedic centres and Spa.


Elephant Ride & Wild Life Trip & Raja Ji National Park 

wild life tours,india wildlife tours,india raja ji national park tours,corbett national parks,wild life adventureRaja Ji National Park :One of the biggest park in north India situated at the meeting point of Himalayan foothills & Indo Gangetic plains, the venue for migratory birds from world over . The core zone & one of the main gates of the of national park is Chilla. Chilla is 17 kms from Rishikesh on the east western side .

3 night 4 days package tours include rafting on holy Ganga


 Adventure Tours In Indian Himalayas

ECO-TOURS : eco tours,eco trekking,india eco tours,eco trekking in the himalayasEco Tourism has been  officially promoted already for years in  Garhwal area, for trekking and any other outdoor activities. Pollution is now a main concern in many parts of Himalayas. The Himalayas the very source of life, for all we human beings. Our sole responsibility is to conserve it. We at Adventure Sports purposes you to contribute to preserve Garhwal Himalayas as unspoiled as it has always been! 

 Heli Skiing In Indian Himalayas

A great new possibility for snow boarders to weave their patterns of descent on Himalayan slope exists in the Indian Himalaya. Peaks with gentle descents are identified. We are the first to assist snow boarding expeditions in Indian himalays.

 Camping In The Himalayas

Discover joy and laughter in the meadows. Listen to the birds sing cheerful songs, sleep under the stars-they will be your nightly canopy and share the sunrise and sunset with friends. 

  Click here for more details....



'' I still believe that Garhwal Himalaya in India is the most beautiful country of all high Asia."

T.G. Longstaff, The Ascent of Nanda Devi.

Trekking in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve , Himalaya!


Minimum 2 Persons & above traveling together can have departures dates as per the travel plans.


For our specialized tailor-made trekking programs for Individuals and small groups please write to us details with exact number of persons, No. of Days, & month of travel. We will send you detailed programs most suitable to your requirements.


OUR MOTTO       

* to explore & preserve Indian Himalayas in an ecological way,

* to enjoy sports challenges and Adventure Holidays in secure conditions,

* to share Indian / western cultures in an open and light way.

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