Nanda Dei Raj Jat - (Garhwal Hialayas)



A Pilgrimage for Celestial grace 


Latest  News on  Nandadevi Raj Jat Yatra 2013  ::--->> The Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra, which takes place once in 12 years and was scheduled for August 29 this year, is cancelled, said State Assembly Deputy Speaker Anusuya Prasad Maikhuri here on Wednesday. Since roads and bridges along the yatra path were damaged in the floods in June, and were unsafe to use, the yatra will take place on an appropriate date in the coming years, Mr. Maikhuri said.


Nanda Devi Raja Jat Yatra has become an inseparable part of the socio-cultural spectrum of Uttarakhand region and is solemnized  with great devotion and dedication by local folks. Its cultural ethos and religious sanctity is associated with Nanda, who was married to Lord Shiva, residing on top of Trishul, one of the sacrosanct mountain peaks of Garhwal. Nanda is treated as daughter of the area and to nandadevi raj jat yatra,view from bhagubasa,pilgrimage followinf nandadevi raj jat yatra,india nandadevi raj jat yatra commemorate her departure to her in-laws' house, Raj Jat Yatra is performed for solace and salvation every 12 years from Nauti village- a tiny hamlet near Karnaprayag to Homkund- the final terminal point. In this procession people from all walks of life involve themselves directly or indirectly and unitedly work towards its grand success. The yatra covers 1 280 km. long arduous trek in 19 Days. The important transit points on way to Homkund are Kanshwa, Chadpur, Nandkeshari, Dewal, Mundoli, Wan village Raanki Dhar, Bedni bughyal, Patha Nachaunia, Gangtoli Cave, Kailwavinayak, Bhagwasa and Roopkund.

The Raj Jat


It is believed that in 1514, king Ajaypal of Chandpurgadhi, shifted his capital from Dewalgarh to Srinagar. Busy as he was in the expansion of his kingdom, he could not spare time for the Raj Jat and the celebration was disrupted. The king therefore decided to empower the prince of Kansuwa to organize this pilgrimage. pilgrimage tours to garhwal himalayas,garhwal himalaya pilgrimage tours,nandadevi pilgrimage tours Consequently, up to 1799 the Raj Jat was in vogue as per the prescribed tradition and customs. In 1803 when the gorkha regime was establishes in Garhwal Kumaon, this Raj Jat was disrupted due to the political uncertainly. King Pradyuman Shah was killed and his heir Sidarshan Shah was still an infant. After this, according to the Sigoli alliance, Kumoan and the area on left banks of Alaknanda came under the British rule and the then king of Garhwal has to make Tehri, his new capital. This further hindered the celebration of this Raj Jat Yatra till 1820, when this royal pilgrimage was once again organized. Afterwards this Raj Jat Yatra was held in 1843, 1863, 1886, 1905, 1925, 1951, 1968 and in 1987. In 1951 it could not complete the journey upto Homkund because of bad weather and had to return from Patharnauchauniya. The first pilgrimage of new millennium was held on grand scale from 21st August 2000, in a new rhythm .






1st Nauti to Iravdhani Iravdhani / 1350m 10 Km.
2nd Iravdhani to Nauti Nauti / 1650m 10 Km.
3rd Nauti to Kansuwa Kansuwa / 1500m 10 Km.
4th Kansuwa to Sem Sem / 1600m 10 Km.
5th Sem to Koti Koti / 1700m 10 Km.
6th Koti to Bhagoti Bhagoti / 1650 12 Km.
7th Bhagoti to Kulsari Kulsari /  1000m 10 Km.
8th Kulsari to Chepdyun Chepdyun / 1350 m 5 Km.
9th Chepdyun to Nandkesari Nandkesari / 1400m 10 Km.
10th Nandkesari to Faldiagaon Faldiangaon / 1600m 10 Km.
11th Faldiagaon to Mundoli Mundoli / 1850m 10 Km.
12th Mundoli to Wan Wan / 2400m 15 Km.
13th Wan to Gairoli Patli Gairoli Patli / 2950m 10 Km.
14th Gairoli Patal to Patharnauchani Patharnauchani / 3700m 12 Km.
15th Patharnauchani to Shail Samudra (Special Puja at Homkund) Shial Samudra / 4600m 15 Km.
16th Shail Samudra to Chandaniaghat Chandaniaghat / 4000m 16 Km.
17th Chandaniaghat to Sutol Sutol / 2200m 18 Km.
18th Sutol to Ghat Ghat / 1500 m 25 Km.
19th Ghat to Nauti Nauti / 1650m 70 Km.

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'' I still believe that Garhwal Himalaya in India is the most beautiful country of all high Asia."

T.G. Longstaff, The Ascent of Nanda Devi.

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